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Metal-air Battery technology

A conventional battery consists of an anode and a cathode, where the cathode takes up to 70% of the battery’s weight. The cathode is used as a container for a reactant (e.g. Oxygen), usually up to 5% of its weight that is required for releasing the energy in a metal anode. The result is that most of a conventional battery’s weight is poorly utilized. A metal-air battery, on the other hand, features an air-electrode that breathes oxygen from ambient air, instead of the conventional cathode. That is, the battery consumes the required oxygen from the air, rather than having heavy materials that bound oxygen inside it. Metal-air batteries therefore have a huge potential for delivering high capacity with low weight.


Aluminium-air Battery

The anode in our case is Aluminium. Widely available, Aluminium contains high amounts of energy, making it an attractive material for energy systems. Aluminium-air technology, allows an energy density that surpasses conventional battery technologies, at much lower prices. Furthermore, unlike rechargeable batteries, the Al-air battery does not lose capacity when not in use and does not degrade over time. The Aluminium anode depletes only when producing electricity, eventually saturating the electrolyte. Both are easily replaced and the electrolyte is recyclable.

Containerized Aluminium-air batteries

We provide our Aluminium-air batteries housed in ISO shipping containers, with multi-MWhs capacity. The electrolyte is in transportable tanks, either within the batteries container or in a separate ISO tank shipping container. Depending on the specific use case, the electrolyte can also be carried in the ships' integral tanks and replaced "bunker" style. The service includes replacement of depleted containers with fresh ones at any port that has facilities for loading/unloading of shipping containers. This enables fast turn-around times for battery-operated vessels, regardless of shore power facilities and/or grid limitations.



Extending battery based marine operations

Phinergy Marine provides a cost-effective solution to the the limitations of Lithium-Ion batteries by introducing an optimized combination with its innovative Aluminium-air batteries - much like the hybrid combination with an internal combustion engine generator. Extended endurance is accomplished with lower CapEx and with zero emissions.

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Electrolyte tank 20' container

9.8 MWh

20' container